Valentine’s Day: Make it a day to remember!

Bored of the predictable dinner dates and boxset binges? This year it's time to mix it up and try something different. Research supports new experiences as a way to improve your romance, "couples who frequently try new things together have higher-quality relationships." The day of love is all about celebrating your relationship and creating memories to treasure, so scroll through these quirky date ideas and see which one your partner will love.


P.S. I Love Letters

In our digital age where hashtags and recurring memes prevail on the surface, there is a question to whether the torrent of technology has left society feeling detached. Some say we long for a personal touch to our communication, and to reclaim control and appreciation of the English language. 2017 Research by the Deutsche Post DHL Group reveals that “81% of millennials surveyed said they would feel more excited if they received a package or a letter in the post from someone they know, over a text or message on social media.” On that note, is it time for a revival of the art of letter writing?

Lake Malawi @ Tram & Social Club, Tooting

The Czech alt-pop group pumped the room with energy and catchy rhythms, and gave us a taste of their upcoming album with Prague (In the City), and Surrounded by Light. Lake Malawi performed last Friday, with support from Cloe Corpse and Adryana Gold, at the Tram & Social club in Tooting, London. They eased us in with the melodic tunes of Black Pearl, full of emotional lyrics and a touch of nostalgia. Upping the tempo with the addictive, catchy chorus of Bottom of the Jungle.

Album Review: K. Flay’s ‘Every Where is Some Where’

K. Flay’s ethereal vocals combined stripped back instrumental beats with glass shards of honest, relatable lyrics. The solo-artist’s new album, ‘Every Where Is Some Where,’ shouts her inner feelings and opinions with an infectious attitude, filled with addictive poetics. The album title summarizes the collection, "each song on the record is about creating a different … Continue reading Album Review: K. Flay’s ‘Every Where is Some Where’

Women Fuelling the DIY Punk-Rock Scene: Modern attitudes towards female bands

Despite punk-rock's reputation for activism and rebellion, from Siouxsie & The Banshees to the modern day post-punk revival Savages, female musicians have fought with guitars raging to get their voices heard for decades. Following March's National Women's Day, I ask some feminist punk-spirit artists how they feel they are treated within the music industry, and by the public, today. London-based band DOLLS, and Norwich-foursome, The Peach Club, explore their experiences on the matter.

The Flight Brigade @ The Water Rats Pub, Kings Cross

  Flight Brigade’s multi-instrumental folk-rock sound reflects their roots and touches hearts with their profound story-telling lyrics. The seven strong, Hampshire act start with, House Fire, from 2016’s ‘Our Friends, Our Enemies,’ to get the crowd dancing. A steady drum beat drives the song, followed by the melodic strings of violin. The close-knit family dynamics … Continue reading The Flight Brigade @ The Water Rats Pub, Kings Cross