LUCA “This Girl Can” Neon Rave Run

 ‘This Girl Can’ neon rave run flooded past London’s iconic landmarks, attracted heaps of public support and rallied women to fight the body-shaming stigma.

The nationwide campaign has been a big hit at Universities around London. The London Universities & Colleges of Athletics planned and spread the word for the second highly anticipated ‘This Girl Can’ Neon Rave Run that happened in Central London on the 10th of November.

UCL graduate student and organiser of LUCA events, Sarah Murphy, 26, says: “I wanted to bring together women from all fitness backgrounds and remove all intimidating pressures that often coincide with exercise.”

The 6km run started at St. Paul’s Cathedral, passing breath-taking scenery along the river. It had approximately 300 women of all running abilities coming together and motivating each other with chants, team exercises at each 1km mark, and empowering music like, “I Will Survive,” blasting from speakers held by fellow runners.




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