Lake Malawi @ Tram & Social Club, Tooting

The alt-pop group pumped the room with energy and catchy rhythms, and gave us a taste of their upcoming album with Prague (In the City), and Surrounded by Light.

The group’s ‘ecstatic, positive, and hopeful’ stylised music combines indie tunes, with undertones of rock and pop to frontman Albert Černý’s lyrics – ‘inspired by intense life experiences, and feelings.’ They divide time between North London & Prague, and their exotic infused name was inspired by a real African lake, and Bon Iver’s Calgary.

Lake Malawi, formed of leadman, Albert Černý, bassist & keys, Jeroným Šubrt, guitarist, Patrick Karpentski (absent), and drummer, Antonín Hrabal, performed last Friday at the Tram & Social club in Tooting, London. Support was given by Cloe Corpse and Adryana Gold. They eased us in with the melodic tunes of Black Pearl, full of emotional lyrics and a touch of nostalgia. Upping the tempo with the addictive, catchy chorus of Bottom of the Jungle.



Playing Because Because


Secret Room followed with some gentle instrumentals, ‘about a secret room behind a NYC poster in [my] Černý’s bedroom.’ Prague (In the City) expressed the ‘lost in the city’ feeling with an equally dreamy harmony. The slow track Always June gets the crowd swaying with a ballad chorus of relatable melancholy feelings – “Nobody knew it would end so soon… So why do I still hold on when nobody does…”

The crowd used the wide open floor of Tooting’s high-ceilinged, hipster bar to let loose, with groups of people bouncing along to the music. The care-free atmosphere mirrored the band’s exuberant mood as they jumped around in the upbeat choruses.

Černý gave a shout-out to everyone enjoying the music before softening the vibe with Because Because on acoustic guitar. They enthused the audience with some vocal sing-alongs, and ended on a high with their new single Surrounded By Light, and a past favourite, Chinese Trees.

Lake Malawi’s lively performance and feel-good vibes were great for the cool down at the end of a busy week, and introducing the weekend ahead.

Check out upcoming tour dates for May on Lake Malawi’s band page.

They are supporting the Kooks on the 26th May in Prague, and their new album ‘Surrounded by Light’ is due out in December 2017. Guitarist, Patrick Karpentski, was away for the UK tour, but he will be joining for all their other performances.






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