Valentine’s Day: Make it a day to remember!

Bored of the predictable dinner dates and boxset binges? This year it’s time to mix it up and try something different. Research supports new experiences as a way to improve your romance, “couples who frequently try new things together have higher-quality relationships.” The day of love is all about celebrating your relationship and creating memories to treasure, so scroll through these quirky date ideas and see which one your partner will love.

Adventurers & Fitness Lovers

Plan a romantic hike with spectacular views and the challenge of conquering something together. Studies show taking part in physical activities strengthens the emotional bond in a relationship, allowing you to be more in tune with each other. Plan a weekend wildvalentines blog post 1 camping, find forests you can explore together, or explore the many London walking routes. More of an indoor exerciser? Buy new Wall Climbing memberships and see who can get to the top first!


Are you a curious couple? Love watching Sherlock Holmes and leaving riddles for each other? Why not try making a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt with clues reminding you of your favourite shared memories, and ending in a romantic rendezvous. WikiHow has a fail-safe step-by-step guide on planning a hunt, and here’s some free clues to get you started!



Busy professional couples can sometimes find it hard to make time to relax and focus on their relationships. This is normal, life runs at a faster pace than we all realise… until we stop and take a look. And Valentine’s is the perfect annual holiday to examine our relationships and rediscover any lost passion. You get what you put in, after all. Try to plan ahead and set up dates in your diary for each other, even if it’s just after-work cocktails at that bar you’ve always wanted to go to. A great way to re-energise and let go of your work is to go on a Couple’s Digital Detox!  Ready to splash out, then look into Healing Holidays, recommended by Condé Nast Traveller. However, if you’re looking for something closer to home with a personal touch, then go to Time To Log Off, read their advise and book a detox break.

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